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Enable additional logging options in UI for Mail / Integration jobs

Currently there are no UI facing options to increase logging levels, or retrieve the additional trace logging.   Exposing this at the UI can save time, and possibly help the migration administrator resolve the issue without support engagement.  As an added bonus, to avoid storing trace logging for an extended period, have the increased log data stored in a temporary location and a link sent for said data.  

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  • Sep 5 2018
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Business Problem

Often times a failed job results in a more generic error than desired.   Trace level logging at various levels will help expose this, but currently requires product support to enable, and then retry the job.   Enabling the option for this level of logging at the UI level would have a moderate increase in storage, but ease the burden and time delay for migration administrators.

As much as I would like to get an email with the logging data, some logs may be large, and email may be in transition for a given migration.   A link to an azure storage location, specific to only that data would be ideal. 

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