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Power365 Cutover Agent options and Reporting

Add or refine the options for the Power365 Setup Pro cutover agent status and reporting.   Options to better report on the status of a cutover job, especially when the option to wait for the cutover agent to complete is enabled.

I would recommend an additional dashboard panel exclusively for cutovers, which could provide a single pane of glass for all users, or various categories, such "Started, Queued, Initial Sync In Progress, GAL Updates In Progress, Final Sync in Progress, Waiting for Agent, Agent Failed, and Final Adjustments".   These status could tell a migration administrator what they need to know in order to troubleshoot issues during a cutover, and/or report appropriate status back to project stakeholders. 

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  • Sep 5 2018
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Business Problem

When waiting for the cutover agent, the dashboard and aggregate reporting for users in a given project does not provide sufficient detail for a customer to understand what the users current state is.   Customers need to be able to report to management, both technical and business, on the status of a cutover event and without this data, they simply get "Finalizing" as the status. Current reporting for the cutover process does not present this visibility without investigation into each unique user. 


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